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Kumaran (1904 – 1932) was an Indian revolutionary and a staunch freedom fighter, who waged a relentless struggle against British. He was deeply involved in desabandu youth movement and participated in the Indian independence movement. Kumaran was born in Chennimalai on 04-10-1904, a small town in the Erode District in Tamil Nadu. Kumaran died from injuries sustained from a Police assault during a protest march against the British colonial Government. Kumaran died holding the flag of the Indian Nationalists, which had been banned by the British. He attained martyrdom on 07-04-1932.

Tirupur Kumaran

Tirupur Kumaran

His memorial is situated on Kumaran salai, near Tiruppur railway station. His life history and photographs are displayed here for the public The Government has erected his statue in a park by the railway station in Tirupur. Kumaran is revered as a martyr in Tamil Nadu and is known by the epithet Kodi Kaththa Kumaran – Kumaran who saved the Flag since he gave his life defending the Congress flag.



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