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Indo-American scientist creates first ever functional single-molecule diode – See more at:

Indo-American scientist creates first ever single-molecule device

In a revolutionary finding, a team led by an Indo-American scientist has developed a method to create a working diode made of a single molecule. Its developer claims that the single-molecule diode works far better than the previous versions of nanoscale diodes.

Lead researcher Latha Venkataraman said that the device is first of its kind and works nearly 50 times better than the previous iterations. Also, the single-molecule device has a potential of real-world technological applications for nanoscale devices.

Since, electronic devices are getting smaller day by day, the research has given a new insight in functional miniaturisation that can be achieved for an electronic device. “Our new device represents the ultimate in functional miniaturisation that can be achieved for an electronic device,” said Venkataraman.

The idea of a single molecule device isn’t new. Arieh Aviram and Mark Ratner’ gave the idea of making device from a single molecule a decade ago and theorised that a single can act as a rectifier (a device that converts AC current into DC current).

After successfully implementing the idea, the team is very excited. “It’s amazing to be able to design a molecular circuit, using concepts from chemistry and physics, and have it do something functional. It is truly a triumph to be able to create something that you will never be able to physically see and that behaves as intended,” said Venkataraman.

She further added that now the team is looking forward to better understand the fundamental physics behind the device so that they can improve the rectification ratios of the device. As of now the molecular diode is capable of creating a current of 0.1 microamps. For readers those who don’t know, 0.1 micro amp is a huge amount of current to pass through a single molecule.

The study appeared in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.

thanks:kanishk singh

– See more at: http://www.tecake.com/indo-american-scientist-creates-first-ever-functional-single-molecule-device/8293/#sthash.s3Ymhnw4.dpuf


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