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THANKS to the Indian Express computer

The National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) has proposed to develop a technology data bank in the country.

Researchers are developing a ‘smart’ mirror that detects changes in an individual’s face and breath to help them monitor their health.

The Wize Mirror will use an array of sensors to detect changes in an individual’s face and breath that point to the
onset of diabetes, a heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases.

The Wize Mirror, being developed by Semeoticons, a research group backed by the European Commission, then provides a health score and suggest lifestyle changes.

A multispectral imaging system, which uses five cameras to capture specific wavelengths of light and a skin heater to stimulate the face, analyses tissue for fat content and blood for haemoglobin levels.

A 3D scanner constructs a digital model of the face for analysis by software for shape changes, such as weight gain or swelling, while software checks for signs of stress, fatigue or anxiety, ‘The Times’ reported.

The Wize Sniffer captures breath samples to detect toxic molecules that suggest the use of tobacco and alcohol. The whole process takes about a minute.

Clinical trials of the Wize Mirror are expected to begin next year in Italy and France.

dedicated by : KAVIGNAR THANIGAI




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