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Life Saving ‘Loading Dose’ in Acute Myocardial Infarction – Heart Attack

God is whispering through your ears!
Listen, assimilate & spread the good message.
It may be a ‘Life Saving’ message for yourself, your family and your friends

01. ‘Loading Dose’ consists of the following combination:-

a) Disprin 325 mg – 1 tablet
b) Atorvastatin 80 mg – 1 tablet
c) Clopitab 150 mg x 2 – 2 tablets

The above mentioned 3 tablets should be kept in a small envelope and kept in the
pocket always.

02. Who should keep the ‘loading dose’ in their shirt pocket?

The following susceptible (vulnerable) people who may develop a heart attack any time while at home, office or while travelling:-

a) Diabetes
b) High blood pressure
c) Smokers
d) People above 40 years of age
e) Obese individuals (80 kgs & above)
f) Who have high ‘bad’ blood cholesterol
g) Those with family history of heart attack
h) Those who have stressful job and lot of mental stress

03. ‘Heart attack’ can affect you any time of the day or week.

04. “Self-diagnosis on possibility of a heart attack –
(‘Warning Signals of a Heart Attack’):-

a) Discomfort in the chest (so called gas trouble)
b) Heart burn
c) Indigestion
d) Pain in the chest, lightening pain or heavy pain or pressing pain, pain radiating to the left arm, neck, back or jaw
e) Sweating or perspiration even in cold atmosphere
f) Unusual difficulty in climbing up stairs or difficulty, discomfort while walking
g) Pain radiating to the left arm, neck, back or jaw
h) Feeling of giddiness

05. Any of the above signals indicate that a person may have an impending ‘heart attack’. You need urgent medical attention; don’t postpone; call a doctor or an ambulance to your office or residence.

06. Do not drive a vehicle or walk (quietly lie down).

07. During the above situations, please swallow with a tumbler of water yourself the ‘loading dose’, which is in your pocket.

08. These ‘loading dose’ first aid tablets reduce the viscosity of the blood, decrease the severity of heart attack and ‘save your life’.

09. The above said combination of medicine, i.e. ‘LOADING DOSE’, is available in KG Pharmacy, Coimbatore, in a separate envelope, which may be kept in your pocket always.

Dr. G. Bakthavathsalam
KG Hospital & Post Graduate Medical Institute
Telephone: 0422-2212121
Email: drgb@kggroup.com
Website: www.kghospital.org


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