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Shiva Lingam Formed Out


At Rameswaram, it is said that it is the Shiva Lingam formed out of sand by Sita, that Sri Rama worshiped, due to delay by Hanuman who had gone to Kashi to fetch one.

The Linga Puranam Version

The Linga Puranam, specifically mentions that all men are Shiva’s ‘amsha-ansh-part, and similarly all women are that of Parvati. Ramayana mentions specifically pooja being performed by Sita, for Shiva and Kaatyaayani (Parvati).

Shivalingam with Waters

Immediately after a dip in the river, anointing the shivalingam with waters from the river. There is no prohibition at all.


Shiva Temples

Millions of women in north India, worship in all temples, especially the Shiva temples situated on the banks of rivers.

Household Pooja

Even in household pooja, in South India, men do the pooja with ‘abhishekam’ to shivalingam, shalagram or idols and women assist them in providing required materials and offerings.

Custom Varies

The custom varies in various states. In South India, temple worship in sanctum is restricted to the priests of that temple only. In north of Vindhyas, devotees do the worship themselves.

Fasts for Bholenath

Although these fasts can be kept on any Monday, keeping it in the shravan month of the Hindu calendar is said to yield the supreme benefit.

Lord Shiva’s Day

Monday is considered to be the day of Lord Shiva. As Lord Shiva is deemed to be the ideal husband, unmarried women fast and pray to Lord Shiva to bless them with a good husband just like him.


16 Somvar Vrat

In fact many unmarried women observe the 16 somvar vrat or the Monday fasts for 16 consecutive Mondays.

Unmarried women can’t Perform

So does that mean that unmarried women cannot worship Lord Shiva at all? Not at all, they can worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati together.

Legend Related to Puja

As even the most inadvertent disturbance could bring the wrath of the destroyer Hence, it became a legend that women should not be allowed near a shivling.

Extreme Care during Puja

Extreme care was taken even by Goddesses and Apsaras (heavenly courtesans at Lord Indra’s court) to not provoke Lord Shankara during his meditations.


Sacred Process

Devoid of any and all forms of spiritual or carnal distraction. Since the places for these meditations were thought to be very remote and sacred, nearly inaccessible to mortals, no man, let alone woman was expected to be around.

Linga Puja

Stories that emphasize the fact that unmarried women are not allowed near the Shivling rotate around the faith that Lord Shiva indulges in the most pure and austere form of meditation.


Shivling Puja : Only Men Can Perform

The lingam is frequently represented alongside the yoni, a symbol of the goddess or of Shakti, female creative energy. It is believed that the Puja of Linga should only be carried by men and not women. Especially Unmarried Women should not do Shiv Linga Puja. Is this true? Let’s discover all facts related to this.

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Kavignar Thanigai.

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