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First Historic Robotic eye surgery

thanks: Times of India

dedicated by: Kavignar Thanigai


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LONDON: British surgeons have carried out the world’s first robotic operation inside the eye -potentially revolutionising the way vision conditions are treated. Patient Father WilliamBeaver, 70, an associate priest at St Mary the Virgin Church in Oxford, said his eyesight was returning following the procedure, having previously experienced distorted vision similar to “looking in a hall of mirrors at a fairground”.

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The procedure was carried out by surgeons at Oxford‘s John Radcliffe Hospital. Therobotic eye surgery trial involves 12 patients undergoing operations with increasing complexity .

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The robotic surgery is revolutionary. However, more number of surgeries are required to be proved and the cost affectivenes is a factor which might come in its way. N.R.P. RaoNippani Rama

On completing the operation, Professor Robert MacLaren said: “We have just witnessed a vision of eye surgery in the future. Current technologywith laser scanners and microscopes allows us to monitor retinal diseases at the microscopic level, but the things we see are beyond the physiological limit of what the human hand can operate on. With a robotic system , we open up a whole new chapter of eye operations that currently cannot be performed.”

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It was the first time a device had been available that achieved the three-dimensional precision required to operate inside the human eye.



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