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STONE IN A WATER : Kavignar Thanigai.


At last Mohan got job in that American company,even though his pay is very less he is ready to work with honest if it is not harm to his prestige.  Daily he used to travel one and half hour journey by bus. while going and coming bus have so much of crowd.

Few times he watched her, She also came and stood nearer to him, some times  very nearer to his seat, so,both were different in that whole bus, They want to know each other. But there is no initial move to one other.

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One fine day He sat in the middle seat . Other 2 passengers left and got down, She came to near and sat with him.After few minutes she want take rest on his shoulder with out any disturbances , She take whole hearted deep rest,some minutes went on, He started to speak with her,some times I saw you, you are getting down that stop,where you are working? and what is you, She replied wantedly.

10 or 15 minutes over, nearest stage came ,she corrected her self and sat properly as a stranger and ready to got down. she got don and went away.

After some months went on, He felt why not we asked her name and contact number,she started think about her and cursed himself about his foolishness to not utilise the chance properly and usefully.


But After that day His way of journey and mode of journey changed to train due to economy and family responsibility. So; there is no chance at all to cross one with other. many months went on with innerself urges to see each other.

One fine festival brought her again to his front. One important stage with very rush and crowd she got into the bus with the festival luggage bag, He sat in front seat, so; immediately , he taken her bag and kept on his lap, she was very much amused and stood nearby to him. But after only He watched her husband came back of her. Due to crowd He went inside. But she did’nt want to get away from Mohan, intentionally want to have body touch with him, even with the presence of his husband.

What a Love is this? is it Lust, ? what kind of relationship she had with him, with out basic things she showed so much of love to him, even she is ready to offer her to him, but the situations and circumstances not co operate to each other, they didn’t know each other home or residence or about their families, But both are have family spouse and children also.

What is a Love it is, to cross all limits of day to day life, family, children and others, is it Lust? But her husband realised with in few minutes about her intention and asked to stand away from him. Then their stop came, they taken their festival luggage bag and went away to their place.

Mohan thought how I have to communicate to her about to get her contact,or to keep his card put into her bag? No he is not a small boy, So, he did not take any advance activity of getting her contact or keep his card in her bag.

So; Season changed, Summer came  and winter also went, No changes…stone in a water.with memories only they want to meet again each other, nature only help and guide to them make their meeting again…He thinks about her beautiful face and wonderful activity and attachment with him of about their few minutes, Rainbow when will show?What will give?

How and what is the speciality attracts her towards Mohan, even Mohan thinks about it many times…She is very majestic look and beautiful culture, and there is no words exactly with him to describe her fully, Any how the moments and memories are very fragrant and attractive and creates very beautiful thoughts and inspiration to want of that again and again, But  the same will happen again in his life?

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No guarantee and no warranty that  is life.


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