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Slide 1 of 31: Northern Lights


Northern Lights

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Remains of the Aral Sea, Kazakhstan

Slide 3 of 31

Midsummer aurora

Slide 4 of 31: Hong Kong


Hong Kong airport


Slide 5 of 31

Dubai by night

Slide 6 of 31

Zodical light before sunrise

Slide 7 of 31

Iliniza Sur mountain peak at sunrise, Ecuador

Slide 8 of 31

A first quarter moon over a cloudy Alaska

Slide 9 of 31: Star-lit sky

Star-lit sky over Sinai peninsula

Slide 10 of 31

Cumulus clouds over the South Chinese Sea


Slide 11 of 31

moonlight over mangolia

Slide 12 of 31

Remains of Eral lake Khazhakazasthan



Slide 13 of 31: New York JFK Airport, USA

JFK Airport USA New York

Slide 14 of 31

The moon, Venus, sunrise and a satellite reflecting the sunlight for a few seconds

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View of the Himalaya as seen from over India

Slide 16 of 31

Sinai , Egypt

Slide 17 of 31


Sunlight reflecting in the Arctic ocean between Greenland and Newfoundland

Slide 18 of 31: Windmills in the Gobi desert, China

Wind mills in Gobi desert, China

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Moonlight over Northern Iraq

Slide 20 of 31: Kabul

Kabul, Afghanistan

Slide 21 of 31: Galaxy view over Brazil

Galaxy view over Brazil

Slide 22 of 31


Slide 23 of 31

Zeeland , Netherlands

Slide 24 of 31

the Blue Nile , Sudan

Slide 25 of 31

The Amazon , Brazil

Slide 26 of 31

Boston by night

Slide 27 of 31

Lake Van and Mt Ararat,Turkey/Armenia

Slide 28 of 31

Volcano in Azerbaijan

Slide 29 of 31: Thunderstorms illuminated by the setting sun over Texas

Thunderstorms illuminated by the setting Sun over Texas

Slide 30 of 31

Glaciers of Greenland

Slide 31 of 31

Kabul at Sunrise

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Kavignar Thanigai.

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