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Personal diary: page no: 1.

I could not able to meet you very long time and share my thoughts,baring time with you is very difficult because of personal domestic life for earning livelihood.

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But today I decided to record and register my personal intimate matters with this site before my life span ends… I mean I may live more than 80 years that’s not a matter. But Now I am completed my 56 years. Still I have some secrets of love in my mind.I want to reveal it with out doing any harm to others.

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From my child hood to now :some names are very nearer to me, I mean that name owning people especially that female / or / opposite gender age may be varies they are much age difference to me also not a barrier to telling this.

In Tamil some names like Prem, Devika, susheel these names are very popular and friendly attached to my younger period…at those time I was below ten years. One Teacher name is Suseela , to I am remembering her because to day in that name one lady dis appeared from our world. I came to know today only.

Actually I went to attend one local function , and with additionally I want to remit my phone bills , due to busyness these days I have not much time to go for a usual walk,  so I went that function by walk and attended then want to go that office, One Pandal taken place in that cement road, morning only I took oil bath , that is a saturday, so I dont want to enter that tragic pandal because of somebody died there, to denote that occasion that pandal was installed.

So I asked a nearby shop, yes the person replied…So I return back to railway tracks and go to remit that bill, on the way  in many landmarks , one poster is with a lady photo, indicated she is no more on our land. I knew her very well. we have spoken only once I think. But many times we crossed each other while going walking.


we dont know we fond of some people with our first glance from it and life long we will not forgot about them, they may be colour, or black, they may be right or wrong…So; these unknown named lady is also very fond of me at those times. some incidents I noted from her. But I will not take any initiation because of morality and the dignity of keeping values of society.

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She always dressed well, her body is slim, mostly she used to speak with others nicely, gently,  she is black….So today I shocked about her sudden demise. Then I left that path and came home with alternate paths with running of her thoughts…after arriving home wife told for the pain of foot leg she went to a lady doctor , getting a injunction immediately she died due to hear arrest/ attack.


To day only I came to know her name is  Susheel..so I thought my younger age ….and Susheel teacher so is so warm and healthy little bit bulky..But always with smiling face….I dont know where  there life starts and ends…


Regarding with Devika, I am studied at those time 5 th standard or 6th, I forgot about that also, we used to go to a female priest  home 2 km away from our home, there only one daughter and one son that priest had. Devaki is very senior to me, just like our elder sisters. But she have very cordial affectionate friendship with me, speaks, smiles, laugh very well… that is her marriage portion of life. she is very pet to their family and attached. she is not willing to marry and go to husband house even though it was wealthy and comfortable… now she may granma to many children. But I dont know where and how her life starts and going to ends…

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In my next post I will explain about prem teacher….

with regards



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