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ICE AGE 2100

ICE AGE 2100


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Over its history, Earth has had at least four major ice ages, during which the planet’s average temperature cooled significantly.


Lower Temperatures caused the polar ice caps to become thicker and broader, spreading over portions of the continents and locking up much of the planet’s water supply in ice.  Some say we are now in a warming period and that the ice caps will melt before temperatures cool again.

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But what if the opposite were true? What if we were in a cooling period and about to enter another ice age?  Soon you and your friends will be in charge of the world.  What would you do if the ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland were due to increase dramatically in the next five years?


Currently, 29 percent of the earth is land, and 71 percent is water.  Only 10% of the water is ice.  This figure could increase to as much as 25 percent.



Some changes can be predicted immediately: the sea level will fall, creating more land area but reducing the water supply.

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Temperature will be much colder and for longer periods of time.  Glaciers will form and spread once again.  But what do these changes mean for life on the planet? How will human life be affected? Based on what you now know about the history of Earth, what can be done to minimize the impact of this enormous shift in global climate?




Dedicated by: kavignar Thanigai.


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