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At that time I was reading 2nd standard or 3 standard only,my age might be 8 or 9. or in between that.

In our home one brahmin family came and lived some years as Tenant. I dont know still how they came to us, why they were came to us live along with us. But I knew my one of elder sister Malligai have very thick friendship with them.

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our home is divided in two portions. One is with leavy roof on top, other side portion is tiled, even now in the same house I am residing with my family.  It contains No modern structure at all . For our needs it was extended or altered as per day to day life.


So, one growed girl named as vijaya, and one his elder brother Gopal with parents are the family.House head went for a Chemical company co operative stores officer. He have one bad habit like drinking or gambling…But his Mrs is very polite and sincere love with him treating like god. Gopal is very irresponsible youth he didn’t passed his school final even in his final exam period also he used to see night show of cinema, we called it as a Second Show it was run between the time : 10.30 pm to 1 am like that. And after the same day 9 am morning he used to went and attended his exams…what happened you might be already guessed about him and his exam results very well….

After some time their family is shifted to Bangalore….Household lost his job here due to cheating by others or some accounts problems…But these are all not subject what we we have to mention here to know about it.

vijiya is very very fair and innocent vehemently spoke with all, they had dog, their family was very attached with animals and birds with mercy.. vijaya akka (elder sister like figure , so tall and very friendly with us) I could not able to forget his figure, smiling face, and even his jem of tooths , while she spoke, smile and laugh it shows excellent images…

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Even She used to speak with crows while distributing daily cooked meal firstly served to those crows…From her only I learned: if crows can pass us messages of guests arrival to our home…Then if that birds will walk around that place and express what she asked, or if they fly away means , that was also refers other side of meaning to us… (unkkaa irunthaa odip po,enakkaa irunthaa natanthu kaattu…means: If the guest is to you , you show it by the way fly away from here, if the guest arrival to us means walk and show it….)


Actually, I want to convey the following part to tell you, our heroine Prema teacher came to our story now only. She is very close relation to this family. She used to come oftenly to this family. their family is 2 to 3 km away from our place. wherever she goes whenever she went she brought me also , it was just like happened yesterday before 59 years I went along with to a School function saw all function and provided a lunch in her relation’s house freshly with white rice and potato  side dish to mix with it and eat…That heat of that food is still I am feeling…But you must know about one thing, After many years later, prema teacher made suicide.

Prema teacher is not willing to marry a man who is arranged by their family, after many years she accepted that marriage and lived many years, I dont know she have children or not, one day news came, prema is took poison and died…

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where their life starts and ends I dont know., But I travelled with very attached …with them ever. even now

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I will give other interesting secret very personal story next in my chapter.

Try to be with me.

with regards




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