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Hubble spots farthest individual star ever seen …Kavignar Thanigai.

Hubble Telescope Detects The Farthest Individual Star Ever

The most distant star ever to be discovered was recently located by astronomers using the Hubble telescope, with the research taking place at the University of Minnesota. “You can see individual galaxies out there, but this star is at least 100 times farther away than the next individual star we can study, except for supernova explosions”, said former UC Berkeley postdoctoral scholar Patrick Kelly, now on the faculty at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. “It appears to us as it did when the universe was about 30 percent of its current age”. Scientists have detected the most distant star ever viewed, a blue behemoth located more than halfway across the universe and named after the ancient Greek mythological figure Icarus. And the star may be hundreds of thousands of times brighter than our sun as well, though still so far away that gravitational lensing was key to its observation. It just so happened that Icarus passed “along the critical curve” of the cluster, Kelly said, which warped the starlight in our direction – a process called gravitational lensing. It involves the bending of light by massive galaxy clusters in the line of sight, which magnifies more distant celestial objects. By combining the strength of the gravitational lens and Hubble’s resolution, astronomers were able to see and study Icarus. “Mass bends the paths of light that travels near it”, Kelly said. Usually, the cluster magnifies Icarus by a factor of about 600. By modeling the lens, they concluded that the tremendous apparent brightening of Icarus was probably caused by a unique effect of gravitational lensing. Details about the landmark event appear in a paper, titled “Extreme magnification of a star at redshift 1.5 by a galaxy cluster lens”, which was published online yesterday in Nature Astronomy. The ring is too small to discern from this distance, but the effect made the star easily visible by magnifying its apparent brightness. “They effectively worked together – the cluster actually makes the star in the cluster act like a much more powerful lens”, Kelly said. “For this type of research, nature has provided us with a larger telescope than we can possibly build!” “This is the first time we’re seeing a magnified, individual star”. In this April 25, 1990 photograph provided by NASA, most of the giant Hubble Space Telescope can be seen as it is suspended in space by Discovery’s Remote Manipulator System (RMS) following the deployment of part of its solar panels and antennae.

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Meditation is not a fragmentation of life; it is not a withdrawal into a monastery or into a room, sitting quietly for ten minutes or an hour, trying to concentrate, to learn to meditate, and yet for the rest being a hideous, ugly human being.  One brushes all that aside as being unintelligent, as belonging to a state of mind that is incapable of really perceiving what truth is; for to understand what truth is one must have a very sharp,clear,precise mind; not a cunning without any distortion, a mind innocent and vulnerable; only such a mind that can see what truth is.  Nor can a mind that is filled with knowledge perceive what truth is; only a mind that is completely capable of learning can do that; learning is not the accumulation of knowledge; learning is a movement from moment to moment.


The mind and the body also must be highly sensitive.  You cannot have a dull, body, loaded with wine and meat, and then try to meditate – that has no meaning.


The mind must be highly alert, highly sensitive and intelligent, not the intelligence born of knowledge.


Living in this world with all its travail, so caught up in misery, sorrow and violence, is it possible to bring the mind to a state that is highly sensitive and intelligent?  That is the first and an essential point in meditation.


Second: a mind that is capable of logical, sequential perception; in no way distorted or neurotic.


Third: a mind that is highly disciplined. The word ‘discipline’ means ‘to learn’, not to be drilled.

‘Discipline’ is an art of learning – the very root of the word means that.


A disciplined mind sees everything very clearly, objectively, not emotionally, not sentimentally.  Those are the basic necessities to discover that which is beyond the measure of thought, something not put together by thought, capable of the highest  form of love, a dimension that is not the projection of one’s own little mind.

By J.Krishnamurti on Meditation.

Dedicated to those who want to meditate:

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By J.Krishnamurti on Meditation.

ICE AGE 2100

ICE AGE 2100


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Over its history, Earth has had at least four major ice ages, during which the planet’s average temperature cooled significantly.


Lower Temperatures caused the polar ice caps to become thicker and broader, spreading over portions of the continents and locking up much of the planet’s water supply in ice.  Some say we are now in a warming period and that the ice caps will melt before temperatures cool again.

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But what if the opposite were true? What if we were in a cooling period and about to enter another ice age?  Soon you and your friends will be in charge of the world.  What would you do if the ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland were due to increase dramatically in the next five years?


Currently, 29 percent of the earth is land, and 71 percent is water.  Only 10% of the water is ice.  This figure could increase to as much as 25 percent.



Some changes can be predicted immediately: the sea level will fall, creating more land area but reducing the water supply.

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Temperature will be much colder and for longer periods of time.  Glaciers will form and spread once again.  But what do these changes mean for life on the planet? How will human life be affected? Based on what you now know about the history of Earth, what can be done to minimize the impact of this enormous shift in global climate?




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Today will mark 50 years of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s foray into space and the only Indian to have traveled to space, Mr.Rakesh Sharma, said that continuing exploration of space will bring further wonders to mankind in the years to come and hoped that man would colonize the celestial neighbours like the moon and Mars in future.


Cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma currently lives Coonoor,near OOty said that the space journey of Yuri Gagarin in April 12, 1961, had inculcated the much-needed confidence among mankind that reaching space and returning safely to earth was not an impossible task.


He added that with sophisticated and advancing technologies in the field of space research, opportunities were ample to explore space further to look for resources.


Asserting that space research in India had come of age and ISRO was capable of sending another cosmonaut into space and even take up manned  mission to the moon,he said that ISRO had so far focused on application technologies  to take the benefits of space research to the common man but after the Chandrayan mission, it can look forward further.


Mr.Sharma also added that space tourism would become a common phenomenon in the years to come but more funds were needed to realize that goal. Future generations would show great interest in space journeys and research.


Stating that he would be ready to visit space if he got the chance again, the cosmonaut hoped that future generations would show great interest and enthusiasm in space journeys and research.


Sharma added that the non-sustainable development in earth will certainly make mankind look towards colonizing the other planets.


April 12, 2011 Deccan Chronicle Report.

Dedicated by:kavignar Thanigai.




At that time I was reading 2nd standard or 3 standard only,my age might be 8 or 9. or in between that.

In our home one brahmin family came and lived some years as Tenant. I dont know still how they came to us, why they were came to us live along with us. But I knew my one of elder sister Malligai have very thick friendship with them.

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our home is divided in two portions. One is with leavy roof on top, other side portion is tiled, even now in the same house I am residing with my family.  It contains No modern structure at all . For our needs it was extended or altered as per day to day life.


So, one growed girl named as vijaya, and one his elder brother Gopal with parents are the family.House head went for a Chemical company co operative stores officer. He have one bad habit like drinking or gambling…But his Mrs is very polite and sincere love with him treating like god. Gopal is very irresponsible youth he didn’t passed his school final even in his final exam period also he used to see night show of cinema, we called it as a Second Show it was run between the time : 10.30 pm to 1 am like that. And after the same day 9 am morning he used to went and attended his exams…what happened you might be already guessed about him and his exam results very well….

After some time their family is shifted to Bangalore….Household lost his job here due to cheating by others or some accounts problems…But these are all not subject what we we have to mention here to know about it.

vijiya is very very fair and innocent vehemently spoke with all, they had dog, their family was very attached with animals and birds with mercy.. vijaya akka (elder sister like figure , so tall and very friendly with us) I could not able to forget his figure, smiling face, and even his jem of tooths , while she spoke, smile and laugh it shows excellent images…

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Even She used to speak with crows while distributing daily cooked meal firstly served to those crows…From her only I learned: if crows can pass us messages of guests arrival to our home…Then if that birds will walk around that place and express what she asked, or if they fly away means , that was also refers other side of meaning to us… (unkkaa irunthaa odip po,enakkaa irunthaa natanthu kaattu…means: If the guest is to you , you show it by the way fly away from here, if the guest arrival to us means walk and show it….)


Actually, I want to convey the following part to tell you, our heroine Prema teacher came to our story now only. She is very close relation to this family. She used to come oftenly to this family. their family is 2 to 3 km away from our place. wherever she goes whenever she went she brought me also , it was just like happened yesterday before 59 years I went along with to a School function saw all function and provided a lunch in her relation’s house freshly with white rice and potato  side dish to mix with it and eat…That heat of that food is still I am feeling…But you must know about one thing, After many years later, prema teacher made suicide.

Prema teacher is not willing to marry a man who is arranged by their family, after many years she accepted that marriage and lived many years, I dont know she have children or not, one day news came, prema is took poison and died…

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where their life starts and ends I dont know., But I travelled with very attached …with them ever. even now

Image result for beautiful women in the world

I will give other interesting secret very personal story next in my chapter.

Try to be with me.

with regards





Personal diary: page no: 1.

I could not able to meet you very long time and share my thoughts,baring time with you is very difficult because of personal domestic life for earning livelihood.

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But today I decided to record and register my personal intimate matters with this site before my life span ends… I mean I may live more than 80 years that’s not a matter. But Now I am completed my 56 years. Still I have some secrets of love in my mind.I want to reveal it with out doing any harm to others.

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From my child hood to now :some names are very nearer to me, I mean that name owning people especially that female / or / opposite gender age may be varies they are much age difference to me also not a barrier to telling this.

In Tamil some names like Prem, Devika, susheel these names are very popular and friendly attached to my younger period…at those time I was below ten years. One Teacher name is Suseela , to I am remembering her because to day in that name one lady dis appeared from our world. I came to know today only.

Actually I went to attend one local function , and with additionally I want to remit my phone bills , due to busyness these days I have not much time to go for a usual walk,  so I went that function by walk and attended then want to go that office, One Pandal taken place in that cement road, morning only I took oil bath , that is a saturday, so I dont want to enter that tragic pandal because of somebody died there, to denote that occasion that pandal was installed.

So I asked a nearby shop, yes the person replied…So I return back to railway tracks and go to remit that bill, on the way  in many landmarks , one poster is with a lady photo, indicated she is no more on our land. I knew her very well. we have spoken only once I think. But many times we crossed each other while going walking.


we dont know we fond of some people with our first glance from it and life long we will not forgot about them, they may be colour, or black, they may be right or wrong…So; these unknown named lady is also very fond of me at those times. some incidents I noted from her. But I will not take any initiation because of morality and the dignity of keeping values of society.

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She always dressed well, her body is slim, mostly she used to speak with others nicely, gently,  she is black….So today I shocked about her sudden demise. Then I left that path and came home with alternate paths with running of her thoughts…after arriving home wife told for the pain of foot leg she went to a lady doctor , getting a injunction immediately she died due to hear arrest/ attack.


To day only I came to know her name is  Susheel..so I thought my younger age ….and Susheel teacher so is so warm and healthy little bit bulky..But always with smiling face….I dont know where  there life starts and ends…


Regarding with Devika, I am studied at those time 5 th standard or 6th, I forgot about that also, we used to go to a female priest  home 2 km away from our home, there only one daughter and one son that priest had. Devaki is very senior to me, just like our elder sisters. But she have very cordial affectionate friendship with me, speaks, smiles, laugh very well… that is her marriage portion of life. she is very pet to their family and attached. she is not willing to marry and go to husband house even though it was wealthy and comfortable… now she may granma to many children. But I dont know where and how her life starts and going to ends…

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In my next post I will explain about prem teacher….

with regards




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Northern Lights

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Remains of the Aral Sea, Kazakhstan

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Midsummer aurora

Slide 4 of 31: Hong Kong


Hong Kong airport


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Dubai by night

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Zodical light before sunrise

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Iliniza Sur mountain peak at sunrise, Ecuador

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A first quarter moon over a cloudy Alaska

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Star-lit sky over Sinai peninsula

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Cumulus clouds over the South Chinese Sea


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moonlight over mangolia

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Remains of Eral lake Khazhakazasthan



Slide 13 of 31: New York JFK Airport, USA

JFK Airport USA New York

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The moon, Venus, sunrise and a satellite reflecting the sunlight for a few seconds

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View of the Himalaya as seen from over India

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Sinai , Egypt

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Sunlight reflecting in the Arctic ocean between Greenland and Newfoundland

Slide 18 of 31: Windmills in the Gobi desert, China

Wind mills in Gobi desert, China

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Moonlight over Northern Iraq

Slide 20 of 31: Kabul

Kabul, Afghanistan

Slide 21 of 31: Galaxy view over Brazil

Galaxy view over Brazil

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Zeeland , Netherlands

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the Blue Nile , Sudan

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The Amazon , Brazil

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Boston by night

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Lake Van and Mt Ararat,Turkey/Armenia

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Volcano in Azerbaijan

Slide 29 of 31: Thunderstorms illuminated by the setting sun over Texas

Thunderstorms illuminated by the setting Sun over Texas

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Glaciers of Greenland

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Kabul at Sunrise

Dedicated by:

Kavignar Thanigai.