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Meditation is not a fragmentation of life; it is not a withdrawal into a monastery or into a room, sitting quietly for ten minutes or an hour, trying to concentrate, to learn to meditate, and yet for the rest being a hideous, ugly human being.  One brushes all that aside as being unintelligent, as belonging to a state of mind that is incapable of really perceiving what truth is; for to understand what truth is one must have a very sharp,clear,precise mind; not a cunning without any distortion, a mind innocent and vulnerable; only such a mind that can see what truth is.  Nor can a mind that is filled with knowledge perceive what truth is; only a mind that is completely capable of learning can do that; learning is not the accumulation of knowledge; learning is a movement from moment to moment.


The mind and the body also must be highly sensitive.  You cannot have a dull, body, loaded with wine and meat, and then try to meditate – that has no meaning.


The mind must be highly alert, highly sensitive and intelligent, not the intelligence born of knowledge.


Living in this world with all its travail, so caught up in misery, sorrow and violence, is it possible to bring the mind to a state that is highly sensitive and intelligent?  That is the first and an essential point in meditation.


Second: a mind that is capable of logical, sequential perception; in no way distorted or neurotic.


Third: a mind that is highly disciplined. The word ‘discipline’ means ‘to learn’, not to be drilled.

‘Discipline’ is an art of learning – the very root of the word means that.


A disciplined mind sees everything very clearly, objectively, not emotionally, not sentimentally.  Those are the basic necessities to discover that which is beyond the measure of thought, something not put together by thought, capable of the highest  form of love, a dimension that is not the projection of one’s own little mind.

By J.Krishnamurti on Meditation.

Dedicated to those who want to meditate:

By. poet Thanigai.





By J.Krishnamurti on Meditation.