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NASA builds telescope 100 times powerful than Hubble

An important component of the James Webb space telescope is on display at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, U.S., on Wednesday.


James Webb Space Telescope, successor of 26-year-old Hubble, may find the first galaxies that were formed in the early universe.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States has successfully completed building the largest space telescope — one that is 100 times powerful than the Hubble Space Telescope and may find the first galaxies that were formed in the early universe.

thanks: The Hindu and PTI
dedicated by: Kavignar Thanigai.

The James Webb Space Telescope will be the successor of NASA’s 26-year-old Hubble.

The Webb telescope’s infrared cameras are so sensitive that it needs to be shielded from the rays of the Sun. A five-layer sunshield of the size of a tennis court will prevent the heat from interfering with the telescope’s infrared sensors.

The layers work together to reduce the temperatures between the hot and cold sides of the observatory by about 298 degrees Celsius. Each successive layer of the sunshield, made of kapton, is cooler than the one below.

The space agency has also made the first important optical measurement of James Webb Space Telescope fully assembled primary mirror, called a Center of Curvature test.

“This is the only test of the entire mirror where we can use the same equipment during a before and after test,” said Ritva Keski-Kuha, NASA’s Deputy telescope manager for Webb.

“This test will show if there are any changes or damages to the optical system,” Keski-Kuha said.

The space telescope will provide images of the first galaxies ever formed, and explore planets around distant stars.

It is a joint project of the NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency.






811. Our mother Galaxy is travelling 600km per second.


812. Virago Galaxy is few 50 million light years away from our Galaxy and it travels 750km speed per second


813. Hydra Galaxy is  2,700 million light year away from our Galaxy and it moves 36000 miles per second


814. Our observable Galaxies are 25 billion light years far away from our Galaxy.


815. Universe  is expanding time by time,yes it is expanding and expanding….


816. A small and ordinary star is equal to  3 suns,Galaxies are infinite even Science can’t fully aware about it.


817. If we compare Sun to an apple means Earth is like marble.


818. Our Earth’s east to west Diameter is 12,756km,North to South is  12,752km and circumference is 40,090.28km


819. Space and Universe is immeasurable ;Human and individual are like atom and part of Atoms


820. Food is a need up to 40 years to grow body and after to lead life.Due to Poverty and Mal-nutrition one child is dying per 6 seconds.

Excerpts: Munnorin mun Mozhikalum Thanigaiyin Mani Mozhikalum.

Translated version from Tamil book written by Kavignar Thanigai.

data collected from various science sources.


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